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Each year MobileMuster recycles tonnes of mobile phones and accessories.

The recycling process involves collecting, transporting, dismantling and reprocessing the mobile phone components. MobileMuster ensures that 99% of the material in your phone can be used again.

This delivers real environmental benefits by:

- Reducing the need to mine and extract natural materials

- Conserving natural resources

- Avoiding air and water pollution

- Preventing greenhouse gas emissions

- Reducing energy use and the consumption of fossil fuels

Fun Fact: When you recycle a phone the greenhouse savings are sufficient to power the use of a new phone for over a month.

About the calculator
The information provided in our environmental calculator is based on a life cycle assessment (LCA) methodology which is used to estimate the overall environmental impact of materials or products during their lifetime.

MobileMuster conducted an LCA to quantify the environmental benefits, as well as any impacts, of the recycling system developed by the program.

The LCA demonstrated the environmental benefit of recycling mobile phones across a broad range of indicators, particularly in the key indicators of global warming and resource depletion.

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